Explore New dimensions with Kolibri

A world awaits your discovery, with the simplicity of advanced technology. At Tekstra Brands we are a proud partner with Kolibri, who is committed to meeting and satisfying your creativity. Pushing the boundaries with innovative equipment, beginners and professionals alike can reap the benefits of experiencing the flawless shift of perspective with our products.

Aerial views capture the whole picture in HD, with the option to snap still shots or continuously track realtime footage. The limitless options open the skies for all creative visionaries and enthusiasts. Regardless of skill level, Kolibri is dedicated to keeping you elevated and operating at the highest standards of aviation. Lifting you higher to exceed all expectations of the pilot-less experience.

Our highly developed intellectual capacities have enabled us to transcend our biological limitations to a significant extent. We are happy to introduce to you Kolibri, partners with Tekstra Brands located in NYC. Today, Kolibri products are redefining and revolutionizing industries with the advancement of technology. The trust in Kolibri begins with high quality products that deliver.

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